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Mitas will also introduce new sizes of tyres for scooters. The new dimensions of MC38 MAX SCOOT, the front option for Honda new scooter models Vision and NSC, are 80/90 -14 (40P) and 80/90 -16 (45P)

Grippy compound:
New multi-functional compound has been developed to improve a dry and wet road grip
Owing to its special composition the compound quickly warms up to an optimum working temperature and provides for a road grip in all conditions and on various surfaces
The compound in combination with a rigid and stable carcass  assures  a longer service life of a tyre
All components are well blended thanks to a special mixing procedure. Well-blended components assure a homogenous compound, tyre structure and shape, which further results in a lower rolling resistance and fuel consumption.

120/70 -12 REINF. 58P TL
130/70 -12 REINF. 62P TL
80/90 -14 40P TL
90/90 -14 46P TL
100/90 -14 57P TL
120/80 -14 58S TL
140/60 -14 REINF. 64S TL
140/70 -14 REINF. 68S TL
120/70 -15 56S TL
80/90 -16 45P TL
100/80 -16 50P TL
110/70 -16 52P TL
120/80 -16 60P TL
130/70-16 61P TL
140/70-16 65P TL

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